Apple Pay for international transactions within Nigeria launched by Paystack

Paystack is the first payment gateway to support Apple Pay in Nigeria.

The company said, businesses have long been able to accept international card payments with Paystack, but this integration allows Nigerian businesses to access millions of Apple Pay users in over 60 countries where Apple Pay is supported, including the USA, UK, and Canada.

Businesses with this new payment channel, will now be able to have improved success rates for international transactions, customers will be able to checkout in seconds, and also have an improved reach.

The company further said that the payment method is secure and fast and will come at no extra cost to users.

How does Pay with Apple Pay work?

On customers’ side:

Customers that have Apple Pay enabled on their Apple device, will automatically see the option to checkout using Apple Pay, and can complete the transaction using Touch ID, or Face ID.

As a Paystack merchant:

Pay with Apple Pay is currently only available to onlyNigeria-based Paystack merchants.

Since only international customers can pay with Apple Pay, the user confirms that they are enabled for international transactions for their business on the page.

On the same page, the user ensures tjat the Apple Pay box is checked to enable the payment channel.

If the business only accepts payments via Paystack Commerce tools (such as Paystack Storefronts, and Invoices) then the merchant doesn’t need to do anything else, the process ends at this point.

However, payments are accepted through a custom Paystack integration via a website or mobile app, the merchant will need to register the domain, as per Apple’s rules. This can be done through this guide.

On completion of these steps, the merchant will be able to accept international payments via Apple Pay

Author: abokimallamfx