China gives update on doctors sent to Nigeria over COVID-19

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China gives update on doctors sent to Nigeria over COVID-19
The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, has revealed that the medical team that arrived in Nigeria from the Asian country last week are in 100 per cent quarantine.

Pingjian said this on Thursday, when he met with the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila over the maltreatment of Nigerians in China.

The Ambassador said the Chinese medical personnel are in full quarantine and ready to observe all protocols as stipulated by Nigeria.

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He said, “They are on 100 percent quarantine. The NCDC has been there twice; they have to follow the protocol.

“They are here to deliver medical supplies and on advisory role only, that is a prevention working group on Covid-19. They will do nothing like practicing as doctors.”

Pingjian said though he has not been officially informed about the details of the incidences of inhumane treatment of Nigerians in China he would take it up with the home government.

“We take our relationship with Nigeria very seriously. Until we receive a full report from back home, I cannot act, but I can assure you it is not a policy issue.

“We treat everyone equally, but during the implementation of the COVID-19 measures in China, it is possible for some incidents; all I do is to take it back home, today I will,” he said.

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