Getting A Car Insurance After A DUI

Getting A Car Insurance After A DUI

Car insurance after a DUI charge can be stressful. It is costly and takes some time to get over it. You may find it difficult to get insured.

A DUI is the driving of an automobile while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and this has a consequence on your car insurance.

Can You Still Get A Car Insurance After A DUI?

The good news is that, yes you can. There are still options for car insurance coverage with a DUI charge, even if your policy has been terminated by your current provider.
Your insurer determines what happens to your auto insurance coverage after you’ve been charged with a DUI. Usually, you may be slammed with a premium increase, which most times is significant, and you may even be dropped by your insurer.
In the event of an accident occurring, you may not be covered. If you do not inform your insurance company of your charge, your insurance will likely be terminated, and you will have difficulty getting another.
Even if you didn’t cause an accident while driving under the influence, you’ll see a rate increase when you renew your policy or buy a new one once the DUI shows up on your motor vehicle record.

How Much Does Your Car Insurance Go Up After A DUI?

Your premium will rise above the standard rate following a DUI charge. The new cost will depend on the insurance company providing you with coverage, the gravity of the charge, your driving violation history, insurance coverage lag, and other factors.
A driver with a bad driving history is regarded by insurance companies as more likely to be involved in an accident, and therefore, they raise the premium accordingly.
If you are involved in an accident, your insurers may be held responsible for covering the cost. This costs insurers more on average.
The rise in your insurance cost after a DUI may be as much as two to seven times more than the rates for a driver without a DUI record. Forbes Advisor estimates the national average auto insurance rate increase to be about 74%.
However, the increase in your rate varies by state. Hawaii, California, and North Carolina have the most significant increases after a DUI – QwoteWizard study.
According to Forbes, drivers in Alaska, Florida, and Missouri get the smallest average increase of 33%. Drivers in North Carolina get the highest average rise of 266%, which is lower than the state’s Safe Driver Incentive Plan recommended hike of 340%.

How Long Does A DUI Affect Your Vehicle Insurance Rate?

It may take between 3 – 6 years to get your DUI charge taken out from your history, and this depends on the insurer as well as your state laws.

Before your renewal time and when you apply for an insurance policy, insurers review your driving history. Once a DUI is spotted in your record, it raises a red flag for the insurer. The company, in turn, increases your premium and keeps it high for upwards of three to six years depending on certain factors like:

  • The extent a DUI remains on your driving record.
  • The time frame your state insurance laws allow a DUI to raise rates.
  • Your age. Car insurance companies consider younger drivers as riskier to insure.
  • Number of DUIs within a certain time frame.
  • The insurance company. Different companies use different calculations to set rates.

Average Auto Insurance Rate Increase by State After A DUI

The average insurance premium differs for different states after a DUI, with each state having different insurance laws.

Also, other factors such as population density, the likelihood of causing an accident, and the average cost of an auto insurance claim may affect the average rate per state.
The table below shows you the average full coverage premium raise after a single DUI conviction in each state.
State The average car insurance rate increases after a DUI (%)
Alabama 70
Alaska 33
Arizona 62
Arkansas 50
California 131
Colorado 70
Connecticut 83
Delaware 69
Florida 33
Georgia 93
Hawaii 219
Idaho 65
Illinois 83
Indiana 93
Iowa 100
Kansas 63
Kentucky 76
Louisiana 38
Maine 97
Maryland 70
Massachusetts 94
Michigan 191
Minnesota 75
Mississippi 62
Missouri 33
Montana 55
Nebraska 88
Nevada 49
New Hampshire 126
New Jersey 82
New Mexico 53
New York 80
North Carolina 266
North Dakota 79
Ohio 100
Oklahoma 60
Oregon 68
Pennsylvania 83
Rhode Island 65
South Carolina 38
South Dakota 84
Tennessee 105
Texas 52
Utah 73
Vermont 143
Virginia 86
Washington 55
West Virginia 80
Wisconsin 82
Wyoming 67
Source: Quadrant Information Services

How Can I Get A Cheap Car Insurance Rate After A DUI?

If you are looking to lower your rates after a DUI, the following strategies will be helpful.

  1. Compare Quotes from multiple insurance companies with your present insurer to get the best premium rate.
  2. Request for discounts. You can request discounts by making full payments, insuring several cars, or bundling auto and homeowners policies.
  3. Prove that you are a safe driver. You will have to avoid any further driving violations.
  4. Purchasing a non-owner policy. You can get an auto insurance policy that gives you coverage when driving rental cars or borrowed vehicles at much-reduced rates than you’d pay for standard vehicle coverage.
  5. Improve your credit scores. Most insurance firms in most states except in California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, Michigan, Oregon, and Utah, use a credit-based insurance score to determine your car premiums. Therefore, a poor credit score can lead to you paying more for your car insurance.
  6. Change your insurance providers. There may be other companies in your state that may offer you a more affordable rate than your present insurer.
  7. Install safety devices. Installing devices such as anti-theft devices, automated seat belts, antilock brakes, and alarms can get you discounted rates.

Required Insurance Documents After A DUI

If you have a DUI, in most states, you may be required to show evidence of an SR-22 filing – a form filed by your insurer that indicates you consistently meet minimum coverage requirements. But in Florida or Virginia, you may rather be required to have an FR-44 certification

These documents are usually provided by auto insurance companies. However, you should know that not all companies offer SR-22 or FR-44 filings. Therefore, you will have to search for an insurer that offers this service to high-risk drivers.

Which Is The Cheapest Car Insurance Company After A DUI?

To make your search easier for the auto insurance company with the cheapest rates, a team from Rateforce did research on the best companies to get DUI insurance.

Below is a list of 12 car insurance companies that offer the cheapest rates for DUI drivers, as published by

Company Average Full Coverage Insurance Rate With DUI Average Minimum Coverage Insurance Rate With DUI
21st Century $4,712 $2,072
Liberty Mutual $4,112 $1,823
Allstate $3,323 $1,453
Auto-Owners $2,821 $1,132
Farmers $2,857 $1,419
Geico $2,751 $1,072
State Farm $2,561 $1,132
Travelers $2,365 $1,271
Progressive $2,271 $987
Safeco $2,072 $754
USAA* $1,931 $787
American Family $1,381 $657


Once you are charged for a DUI, your current auto insurance rate is going to be raised by your insurer. In some instances, your policy may be canceled.
However, you can still find companies with premiums that are affordable. Some insurers offer discounts based on certain considerations, such as installing safety devices in your car, taking safe driving courses, and avoiding further infractions for a period.

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